15 Uplifting New Year Resolutions

The New Year is Here!

The New Year is coming. Make this new year a year full of happiness. Strive for greatness and strength. New beginnings for a better you. Take these 15 uplifting resolutions to get you out of that same routine.

Save Money:

Having trouble saving money? Open a regular checking account in a different bank. Don’t ask for a debit card. Transfer 20$ weekly into the bank account. Savings accounts usually charge you a monthly fee. Search for a bank account that doesn’t charge you monthly.

Increase Your Credit Score:

Decrease spending money using your credit card. If you don’t have the money then you can’t spend it. Pay it off when ever you come across money.

Go Back to School:

Achieve that degree you always wanted. Check out MedCerts┬áIt’s an online school where you can get your nursing degree in less than 8 months.

Stop Procrastinating:

Do it Now. Get it out-of-the-way as soon as you thought it. You will feel better! You won’t have that guilty feeling. Getting things done early feels like a reward at night.


Save up to travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Think about the money you are spending now can be used towards a vacation. Use apps like Groupon. Groupon has so many discounted travel tickets.

Get A New Job:

Is your job holding you down? Do you feel like you are worth more? You are! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Spruce up your resume and get that dream job. Retail is not a life long job. Jobs are always hiring. Ask around you never know what you might find. Stay in the job you’re in now and volunteer. You never know they might like you and want you to stay.

Lose Weight:

Losing weight isn’t just about looking good It’s about feeling healthy. Cut out all the bad food out of your life. Losing weight is about your diet and exercise together. Join your nearest gym today. Bring a work out buddy with you or make some friends at the gym. Eat more vegetables. If cooking is not your thing stay clear of fast food.

Stress Less:

Take life a day at a time. One problem doesn’t get fixed in a day.

Take A Stroll Outside:

Take in some fresh air. Walk to the nearest park. Take some pictures of nature. Stay in doors if it’s freezing outside (haha). A little bit of fresh air never hurt anybody. It feels relaxing to take the time out of your busy life to just breathe.

Use Less Technology:

To much social media can spin your head. Catching up on what everyone is doing is just too much. Take a 2 day break of just phone off time. And if that’s just too much delete all your social media. You will feel so good about yourself

Become A Minimalist:

Donate everything you don’t use! Living in clutter really brings you down. Too much cleaning, and seeing clothes you don’t wear. If you tell yourself I might need this one day you don’t.

Become Stronger Emotionally:

Embrace yourself! You are beautiful and you are strong. Don’t let people bring you down.

Be Happy:

Do what makes you happy in life. Be creative. Pick up a hobby.

Let Go:

Stop holding a grudge. For this new year let it all go. Detox yourself from the negativity.

Enjoy Life:

You only have one life to live. Surround yourself with beauty and happiness. Think more positive. Be more free to who you want to be. Everything isn’t about what the next person has it’s about living life. Your life. So just be free.

I hope you have a great New Years! Follow me on social media I would Love to hear your comments. Your words encourage me to continue on. Peace love and happiness.