Summer Activities For Your Kids

Summer Time Is Here

Summer is here and you have no idea what to do with your kids? Need some help trying to figure out what to do for the rest of your summer with your little ones?

Feel like you’re doing the same thing ever summer? Summer is the time to have fun and go out on adventures. Explore different areas of your town! Keep those little minds active and open up that creative aspect. Summer can be a relaxing time for you also! Kids play all morning and sleep at night with no problem. Being a fun mom doesn’t mean you have to spend LOADS of money. Kids are happy with just getting some chalk and playing outside.

Have an only child? Take them to park to meet other kids. It builds their social skills and keeps them active where you don’t have to be their only play partner. Create play dates with their friends from class. Don’t have to wait for school to begin to play with their friends again. Have cousins come over and have a sleepover party!

A few other options to have a fun summer:

  1. Bowling: At a Bowlero or Amf bowling alley near you they have a summer seasons pass. A one time payment of 30 for kids and 36 for adults. It gets you 3 free games and bowling shoes all summer long.
  2. Beach
  3. Pool: Don’t like the idea of sand and beach water? Find a public pool near you
  4. Playground
  5. Aquarium
  6. Hiking
  7. Camping
  8. Fishing: You do need a fishing license.
  9. Boat Ride(Ferry)
  10. Go To The Zoo
  11. Planetarium
  12. Amusement Park
  13. Water Park
  14. Nature Walk
  15. Ice Cream Date
  16. Buy Chalk
  17. Play Running Games: Like kick the can, tag, freeze tag, football, kickball, baseball, basketball, capture the flag
  18. Visit Your Local Farm
  19. Buy A Water Slide
  20. Water Balloon Toss
  21. Buy Squirt Guns
  22. Roller Blade
  23. Bike Ride
  24. Bird Watch
  25. Plant a Garden and watch it grow

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