7 Camping Must Haves For Your Kids

Camping Pack List

Camping is definitely a summer fun activity. Kids enjoy it which in turn you enjoy it. Since having kids you already know camping light is not a thing anymore. Camping can be a hassle in the beginning but once you have everything up and running its a great family experience.

1. Extra Clothing:

Accidents happen and kids manage to get very dirty! Always pack extra for emergencies. Not just for kids but parents too.

2. Bug Spray and Candles:

Camping equal bug bites and swarms of bugs. With all the different kinds of diseases bugs carry around its best to carry bug spray.

3. Flash Lights:

Extra batteries for those night-time bathroom runs. They will happen and you want to be prepared.

4. Extra Blankets:

For surprise cold nights an extra blanket is a must.

5. Fun Games:

Weather can be pretty tricky sometimes. Bring some fun inside tent games. Games that doesn’t bring to many pieces you might lose

  • Uno
  • Pictonary
  • Playing cards
  • Heads up
  • Connect four

6. First aid kit:

Injuries happen and kids always get injured. Camping grounds have a lot of rocks and a lot of trips can happen.

  • Band-aid – Waterproof
  • Ointment
  • Alcohol
  • Ankle wraps
  • Ice Packs

7. Snacks:

Have a long car ride to the camping ground bring snacks for your kids to munch on. Bring small snacks like pretzel, chips, snack bars, and water water water! Dehydration is a thing. Make sure to pack lots of water!

As a wrap up. Take as many pictures for memories. Create a camping album to show your kids when they older. Pictures are a great way to keep memories alive and keep reliving.

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