Baby- Electronics VS Outdoors

Before I had a baby I always said I want my baby to grow up playing outside and not being stuck watching TV indoors all day. I want my daughter to experience the great outdoors! I know how easy it is to give your baby the cellphone she/he is crying over, but sometimes we have to be strong enough to say no. Distract them with their own toy and hide your toy so to say. Your baby is your mini whatever you do she/he will want to do too.


Its all around us now. It’s the fastest way to keep your child quiet for long periods of time! I let my daughter watch Netflix. Shes 6 months old, but I don’t let her play with tablets or cellphones! I want to continue that too.

  • Tablets
  • Cell Phone
  • Television
  • Laptop/Computer

I’ve seen how electronics hurt young children that started at such a young age. But I also see how smart babies can be using electronics. Honestly i’m so against electronics! My opinion. I don’t want my daughter to be crying because her tablet died. I also don’t want her to be stuck on playing video games on electronics instead of enjoying the outdoors. I also feel like they will learn so much more with nature.

The Great Outdoors:

I take my daughter outside once a day and she absolutely loves it! I let her feel the grass, the sidewalk, everything with her feet! I walk her around in her stroller so she can take in view. Together as a family my daughter at the age of 4 months, my husband, and I walked a nature trail. She was awake the whole walk and she was so quiet taking in her surroundings.

  • Beach
  • Playground
  • Outdoor grass area
  • Walk around the Neighborhood

Also just car rides to

  • The mall
  • Grocery store
  • Department store

My daughter loves people she’s very social! I think from having my husbands friends over every now and then she has been accustomed to people always around her. She smiles at everyone! I’ve brought her to the movies and she just sits and stares at the big screen. Movie goers has complimented me on how great my daughter was at the movie theaters.


I talked so much about my daughter on this post i feel like i should introduce you girls to her. This is my daughter she’s 5 months in this picture. Her name is Skye. Shes actually Cambodian(Her dad) and Dominican(me). She loves our family dog Milo and he makes her laugh so much. I can’t wait to see how those 2 will grow up together. He’s actually one year older than her. She loves to talk and when I mean talk she like to yell! Since a young age she wanted to sit up and stand up. She likes to watch all that is around her.





All and all outdoor play is a definite yes and electronic use is down to a bare minimum. I definitely want to raise my daughter to love the outdoors! Follow me on my adventure with my little family on Instagram and Facebook!