Baby’s development week by week

Lets put into mind that every baby has their own pace they follow. No baby is alike so please don’t feel like your child is behind, or compare your baby to someone else. Also please don’t rush your baby. Babies can accomplish a lot in their first month!

Your baby’s development week 1- week 4

Your baby is still getting use to the outside world. She/He is mostly sleeping, eating and pooping. Right now all you to worry about is making sure you have food and diapers. When I say diapers I mean lots of diapers! My daughter wasn’t a big crier so I made sure she was on a schedule every 2 hours and a diaper change every hour. All the noises she made were small remarks here and there. Good thing I was a light sleeper! My daughter wore size newborn for quite a while till she was about 2 months old.

  • Smiling in sleep and laughing
  • Newborn diapers
  • Opened eyes every so often.

Feeding and Diapers


Breastfed babies typically eat every 3-4 hours. I breastfed my daughter for her first 3 months. An experience I will never forget. Although she didn’t latch on as well as I hoped. I decided to use my pump more. Bottled feed babies eat every 4 to 6 hours because it takes longer to digest. Wet diapers typically runs right after feeding. Poop diapers are at least 2 times a day. Towards 3 months I started to introduce formula to her. I started with Similac advanced (blue can). Then I switched to Enfamil but returned to Similac Advanced.



Every time your baby is awake speak with her/him. Sing! Babies love to hear your voice just like when they were in your belly. Speaking to your baby builds up their motor functions. They may not understand you but it will all click one day! Read books to her just like you did while she was in your belly. Interact with your baby until its sleep time once again. My daughter will grow up speaking 3 languages: Spanish, Cambodian, and English. Right now I speak to my daughter in Spanish and my husband speaks to her in Cambodian. As a family we speak in English! Story time is every night so far and I want that to continue.



Babies can only see so far and so clear. They can only see black, white and blobs.But that shouldn’t stop you from showing your baby around the house and the room you’ve made especially for her/him. It won’t be long till your baby can see color and be able to put a face to your voice. I use to put on the show Word Party from Netflix and she absolutely loved it! She loved the lights I hanged up in my room that I bought from amazon.

My husband had me participate in a stretch course with my daughter. Every day i would stretch her legs in a bicycle motion. This is a good exercise for your baby to get those muscles working for crawling and walking. Start from when she’s born! She will thank you in the long run. You may not have noticed it but time has gone by very fast and she/he has made it to her/his 1st month!