Co-sleeping vs Crib sleeping

Have you been questioning yourself co-sleeping or crib sleeping? Have you heard time and time again that co-sleeping is a danger to babies? But did you also read that crib sleeping lowers bonding time?

Pro co-sleeping and Pro crib sleeping moms are very well against each other. Pro crib sleeping moms feel like co-sleeping moms bring danger to a child.

Every baby is different! Some babies adapt to sleeping in the crib alone but other babies just want mom! As long as your baby is happy it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. At the end of the day it’s your child and your decision to make.

Pro Co-sleeping:

Thinking about co-sleeping? It’s a scientific fact that when you co-sleep with your baby you can feel him as you sleep. Any sudden movements or small cries you can feel while you sleep. United States adopted the fact that babies have to sleep in a crib by themselves in their own rooms. Can you imagine leaving your mother’s pouch and automatically having to sleep on your own detached from everyone. Ages 0-6 months should sleep with their mothers and slowly pull away from mom and sleep in their own room. But that comes with time. Co-sleeping is not only bed sharing, but it’s also room sharing. 2 benefits of co-sleeping include:

Peaceful night sleep for both you and baby:

Babies that sleep with their mom sleep longer through the night and doesn’t cry as much. The steady heart beat and your body temperature is familiar to the scary outside world. They feel more secured sleeping next to you. If you’re breastfeeding you can easily feed baby. Breastfeeding while co-sharing will encourage you to breastfeed for longer which will lower your babies chances of falling ill. A happy baby is a happy mommy. The more sleep you get the more energy you’ll have during morning hours.

You respond faster:

The moment your baby cries you can react faster. Giving your baby what she needs: diaper changes bottle or breast-feeding, or just a pacifier to soothe their cries. If your baby cries to long his heart rates increases which causes a harder time to fall back to sleep. You want to quickly check on your baby to see if he’s okay. The chances of your baby dying of S.I.D.S or from any accident that may occur reduces by one half.

Yes your baby has his own room but for now considering co-sleeping isn’t a bad thing. Your baby will only be a baby for so long. Cherish those moments when he wants to sleep with you in your room. One day your baby will be a teen and want nothing to do with your room! Babies just want their to be with their parents.

Co-sleeping moms just want a good nights rest. If you’re afraid that your baby will continue sleeping with you well into their toddler years don’t be.  If you cut off co-sleeping at 6 months they will most likely start to be okay with sleep in their room alone.

Pro Crib sleeping:

There isn’t much information on the internet about crib sleeping because everyone thinks its the norm. Crib sleeping has it’s own benefits as well. A baby monitor is a def must. There are many different baby monitors out their for you to use. Teaching your baby to sleep in their own crib wouldn’t cause your baby to have a difficult transition when they get older.

Your alone time

After giving birth to your baby it may be a little difficult to find some alone time with your significant other. Night time should be that time to settle down even if your baby wakes up in 2.5 hours! But as they get older the longer they will sleep the happier you will be in choosing crib sleeping in their own room. Make that baby bedroom into good use. Nap time will be easier for your little one because he already know how to sleep


A quick summary look of it all:



  • Quicker Feeding
  • A good nights sleep
  • SIDS occur-ency decrease
  • Faster response


  • Suffocation can occur if not taking precautions
  • No alone time for mom and dad

Crib sleeping


  • Parents alone time
  • Baby gets use to sleep in ones own room


  • A lot of waking up at night
  • Longer response time
  • Have to buy a baby monitor
  • Wouldn’t be very in-tuned with your baby

If you have any other opinions on either or topic just leave a comment down below. Thank you for reading xoxo

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