First Time Moms


Welcome to parenthood!

My advice for first time moms is take a breather and relax. I know what it’s like running back and forth. Staring into the baby room making sure everything is in its spot and you have everything you need. I don’t know how many times I walked in and out of my daughter’s room checking to see if everything was okay! By the 3rd trimester I think my anxiety sky rocketed to its highest point. The anticipation of the labor count down also caused more anxiety.

So, from one mom to another I definitely know what you’re going through. I felt like I’ve searched through every forum and never found my answer to some things. That’s why I decided to open up my own blog post to help my fellow new moms!

I feel like new moms have it the hardest because we don’t know what we should be looking forward to and mothers that already have their children grown up are like oh yeah its a piece of cake. My daughter is 6 months so I am still freshly new at the labor and pregnancy part.

I am here to walk you through it all! Post by post! What I learn I will share and I hope to see your comments along the way!