How to get ready for back to school

Going Back to School

Summer is close to its end! School is almost here

Bring out the book packs and homework – say hello to time for yourself again.

We’re almost close to August and in some states school starts August 28. Kids love going back to school and hanging out with friends. Using their new school supplies, getting to meet their new teachers, and meeting new friends. A lot of excitement on their first week back.

How to get back into the school routine

Starting in the first week before school – start early sleep times again and early risings.

Freshening up on those math problems may not be fun but would be helpful. Play teacher

No late night television anymore.

Try out this at TestingMom– You get to start with 100 free practice questions. Its fun for kids and great for moms.

First Day Back

Make a great nutritional breakfast! A great breakfast on the first day will keep them from being hungry. First day of school usually consist of teachers syllabus with school supplies. Around the room introduction with what every has done during summer break. Be prepared to sign a lot of papers and fill out forms teachers send home with your kids or child.

  • Children anxiety: Some children can be nervous and scared. Remind your child that back to school is every ones first day back to school. Feeling like they wont make new friends. Let them know making new friends don’t have to be same day.
  • Walk to the bus stop with them. Let them know you are there until the bus comes pick them up and reassure them that school will be great!
  • Make them lunch to bring to school in their lunch box.(lunch box idea)
  • Take out clothing for school days. M-F (If non uniform)

The earlier you start the school routine the easier it will be get them up in the morning and have them pump for first week of school! Mold them in the right directions and you will see happy progress!

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