Pregnancy Symptoms

Do you feel pregnancy symptoms but not sure if you should get tested or not?

Are you scared to take a pregnancy test and coming up negative again?

Every woman goes through pregnancy differently. Some woman actually go through a 9 month pregnancy without even noticing they are pregnant. CRAZYY right?? Other times pregnancy symptoms can also just be period symptoms. It’s really hard when you’ve been trying for months and every little symptom you hope it’s a pregnancy.


Your emotions will heighten. Everything will make you sad and you will just feel like crying over everything. It’s not an exaggeration. Never thought you would cry over spilled milk? Well there you have 1st trimester mood swings!

Not only would you be sad you would also be angry which makes you sad. If you’re nodding your head yes then you know exactly what I mean! Pregnancy emotions is not something to take lightly its serious business. Once you become pregnant hormone levels rise quickly which causes your mood wings.


A usual symptom is feeling hungry. Feel like you’re eating too much or more than usual? Do you feel like you’re eating but still hungry? Your body is using up all of your energy and nutrients for the new baby. Eat as much as you can because if you have morning sickness you don’t want to dry heave. Be careful not to eat to much junk food. Having weird sugar cravings or eating to much of something can actually mean you have a deficiency of a vitamin. You can actually substitute your sugar cravings with something healthy, but you can eat a piece of candy or 2!

Morning Sickness:

Morning sickness can actually be an all day sickness or a nighttime only sickness. Not feeling to good in the stomach? In some pregnancy morning sickness is not something they really have to deal with. If you can’t keep food down on the 1st trimester don’t worry about it 2nd trimester has your back. Doctors say it’s perfectly okay to not be able to keep food down on the first trimester or no feel hungry at all at thought of being nauseous.


Creating a life takes up a lot of energy even in the first few weeks. All of a sudden your eyes are feeling heavy and your body is feeling drained? Fatigue is a big part of pregnancy. If you feel like you suddenly feel tired all the time and you have one or two of the above symptoms you are most likely pregnant.

Body changes:

  • Breast tenderness and swollen: Your breast will be getting ready for the milk ducts to come in and to hold your baby’s milk
  • Gaining weight: Comes with the increase appetite. Gaining weight is not a bad thing during pregnancy. Its your growing baby and water weight.
  • Increases Urination: Your blood count has increase which causes ┬ámore liquids being sent to your kidney which causes the increase bathroom time.


If any of these symptoms feel familiar to you right now buy a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant congratulations!

Take your prenatal vitamins everyday. Visit my newborn checklist post.